The changing map of St Denys

I was brought up in St Denys, an area of Southampton. After the Second World War prefabs were constructed that would become my home for over a decade. Sometime after 1976 the prefabs were demolished, as was the adjacent paint factory, and modern houses were built. The following 4 maps show how the area has changed.
All maps are screen-shots taken from

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St Denys Close, Southampton

St Denys Close, Southampton. Just along the way is St Denys Drive, where I lived for the first 10 years.

Before the prefabs came…

The image below was taken in 1932 and shows St Denys, Southampton where our prefabs were built soon after the war. It’s the riverside area in the bottom-left-hand corner, just below the railway line/bridge. Also visible are possibly the boats which 20 years later became ‘the wrecks in the mud’ that we explored whilst wearing our wellies!EPW039729

Cobden Bridge, the River Itchen and environs, Southampton, 1932 – Britain from Above

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