The changing map of St Denys

I was brought up in St Denys, an area of Southampton. After the Second World War prefabs were constructed that would become my home for over a decade. Sometime after 1976 the prefabs were demolished, as was the adjacent paint factory, and modern houses were built. The following 4 maps show how the area has changed.
All maps are screen-shots taken from

Larger, clickable maps follow:

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  1. Yes St Denys school was great . We were lucky even though times were tough . If I can’t sleep at night I always think of St Denys and Imagine walking to school and passing the Alsatian outside the Buckley’s in the way back ! I hope we all stay safe whilst this virus war continues 🙏🏻

    1. We are now having all our villas and streets sprayed with some horrible disenfecant to prevent the spread of this virus.

    1. Yes I took early retirement 5 yrs ago and 2 years after that decided to emigrate.
      It’s so much cheaper to live here and is always warm although in the height of summer temps rise to high forties and that’s when I spend most of my time in the pool.
      It doesn’t seem 5 mins ago I was starting my First day at St Denys infant school

  2. Ange b
    The Curtis’s live in Swanage now . Crikey you live in Spain 😱 how long have you lived their . By the sea ??

    1. Well done Mike Where do you get all your information from. It’s only when you get older you miss what you had

    1. Hi Mike
      I’m sure my mother had lots of photos of the prefabs in St Denys
      I have all my mums photos at my daughters house in the UK.
      When I go back I will pick them up and bring back to Spain
      Can you tell me if and how I could upload any of these onto your website.
      It might be quite a while before I can return under the circumstances.

      1. You would have to use a scanner to scan the prints or a digital camera to photograph the prints. You might find a camera/copier shop who could do this for you. You could then put them on your computer and if you wanted to you could put them on your favourite social media site. If you had any non-personal pictures of the prefabs it would be nice to see them. I have a Contact link at the top of this page should you get the photos done and should there be any you might think would be of interest for my Southampton Prefabs blog. Best wishes, Mike

  3. Ange B
    Hi Tony you used to
    Live near my friends Ann and Steve Curtis a while back in Townhill
    park ! Great times Roller Skating , sledging and outside living !

    1. Did Ann and Steve Curtis live in Northfield Road ?Im sure they did, I moved from Northfield Road back in 2001 when I got divorced.

  4. Angrla B
    The Pearces the Grugens the Buckley’s the Warehams The Batten’s .. Rosemary ? ?? (Next door to Batten’s )
    Next to the Pearces lived the

  5. Angela Hills
    I remember waking up to the burnt out prefab set alight by the man who worked manning the st Denys signal box ! I can remember all the people living in the Drive . Seeinn the rag and bone man and the bread van !

  6. I loved living at 10 St Denys Drive and playing outside with the kids from the Drive and the Close . I still see my neighbour Penny Wareham ! I was never brave enough to swim across the river or jump from the railway bridge into the river , but my sister did ! How did we survive !!!

  7. I lived at 8 St Denys Close between 1954 to 1968 one of the years the river froze over and we tried to walk from one side to the other
    Seemed great then but now seems mad, but when your young and lively you don’t seem to see danger

      1. Yes I do Anthony Taffy worked on the railway.
        We lived 6 St Deny’s Drive. Great times we had as kids
        Penny Humphries was Wareham

  8. Our prefab in St Denys close was right in front of the river with just the green between us,every year we would break large chunks of the wrecked boats in the river for the Nov 5th Bonfire

    1. It was a great place to be a kid, with the river, the mud, the wrecks and the patch of land in front! Happy Days.

  9. They should have kept the drive and close and built
    the houses around so that the access to the river stayed the same .

    1. I take your point. It was a rather splendid layout. We had great fun there as kids. Now, on the rare occasions I get down there, I’m always in awe of the view of the rail embankment and bridge and of across the river. Happy days!

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